Lie-Nielsen - : Coarse, Medium & Fine with Christopher Schwarz (Rating: 5)

This DVD impressed me, where some of his others have not. I learned that I have been wasting time by failing to follow these methods, and I am eager to try them out to see what difference it will make.

The 65 minutes covers hand planing, mortise and tenons, rabbets and fillisters, joinery and curved work, all employing the Coarse, Medium and Fine methods.

From the DVD back cover:

"Most woodworking projects involve roughing, refining and finishing operations.

In this DVD, Chris exlores the right hand tool to use for each stage. He groups tools by which operations they perform.

By choosing the right tool for each step, woodworking can be very precise and fast, and the hand tool will often be the most effective choice."

Additionally, the DVD contains the 2006 article Coarse, Medium & Fine from Popular Woodworking and the plans for the Enfield Shaker Cabinet featured, easily accessed on the computer.

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I have collected a number of VHS tapes and DVDs over the years, and watch them in the mornings while I spend quality time with my treadmill or eliptical trainer. Since my job has changed to more of a management role, I find I feel better by starting my day learning a woodworking tip or watching a project build along with some exercise.

As I mention earlier, I have some of the previous Schwarz videos, and to be honest, they have not piqued my interest at all. I find better tips and tricks, enjoy watching the project builds, etc from Rob Cosman, the Woodwhisperer, Paul Sellers, Richard Raffin, etc, and I even bring back the New Yankee Workshop once in awhile, although I know most of the programs by heart (you can absorb an amazing amount of video in 45 minutes when it is viewed each day).

When making a purchase at a recent Lie Nielson event, I found I could pick a free DVD but had all the titles they made available for me to choose from except this one, so I reluctantly took Coarse, Medium & Fine.

I am glad I did as this video showed me the error of my ways…

I have worked with handplanes for years under the mistaken impression that what I was doing was correct (who knows where I got that info?), and now I am trying out a different time-saving path.

I don't feel I should give away the methods and secrets of the DVD, but leave you to explore them on your own, but I would recommend this one so you can see which planes to use where, the correct curvature for your irons, setting chipbreakers correctly, as well as using scrapers and spokeshaves and more.