Harbor Freight - Table Swivel Vise (Rating: 5)

I've had this awhile now and just decided that this little tool has become more useful than I thought it would so I'm sharing that. Nothing earth shattering.
I own a handful of select Harbor Freight tools. Some good, some not so good. I seem to be able to filter out the stuff that might be an issue just by having purchased there enough times. I make fishing lures and needed a small vise that allowed adjustments on some occasions. It's not a big vise so much beyond fishing lure sized stuff it wouldn't be the right tool. But I've been impressed with (one), how decently made it is for about $20. (Two), how versatile it is. And (Three), that I actually use it more than I thought I would. I've put up a picture from HF's sales page as it's a better picture than I would take.
The vise can pivot in three dimensions so you can angle something it it's jaws into any position. It has a small jaw that closes quite flat with no gaps and a wider jaw that has dimples in it to hold a rod, or nail or drill bit. And it holds it well. It clamps to the bench and stays quite good. I've got mine bolted using the holes in the base. It runs pretty smooth and, well, just works surprisingly nice for what it costs and where it comes from.
Maybe not for everyone but maybe for some. If you want to hold something in it to sharpen an edge, or put a drill bit in it to bend some wire around, stuff like that. The multi angle adjustment makes it more pleasant. For the price it's easy to own even if it's just occasional use. The SKU number for it at HF is 97160