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Huon Pine

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I have recently posted some projects made from huon pine and have recieved some great feedback

I have another large piece of huon and am undecided as to what to do with it

I could make a coffee table but am looking for other ideas

see attached pics
maybe a resin fill in the hollows?

Wife wants it used or sold
Sleeve Plant Bag Natural material Hide

Wood Dish Cuisine Bag Fur

Sleeve Plant Bag Natural material Hide



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Wow, that's a spectacular slab! I have no ideas for you, but I have a suggestion. When I run across a nice piece of timber, I'll often buy it even if I have no immediate use for it. I store it in my shop and eventually an idea will hatch in my brain that suits the piece. That seems to work better for me than rushing it into a project.
+1 on MPython approach. I had a slab that sat in my shop for 18 months until the wife walked in and instantly saw the finished project that slab was to become. That piece is worthy of waiting for inspiration.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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