Howard - Citrus Paste Wax Walnut Color (Rating: 5)

I was looking for a paste wax that was…
1. Easy to apply
2. Wouldn't leave swirl marks
3. Dark enough to avoid white wax marks on brown finishes
4. Not so dark that it would change the color of my furniture
5. Thick enough to fill fine scratches in the lacquer
6. Most importantly would leave a satin sheen (I didn't want a high gloss wax)

Well on a recent mission style dining table, I found that Howard's Citrus paste wax met all of my requirements. I started with a well-cured lacquer finish and applied one coat of Howards walnut wax. I let it dry for 5 minutes, and buffed it out. After 10 more minutes I buffed it out again with a clean cotten rag. I was left with a satin finish, and the wax didn't alter the color of my medium brown mission style table. It makes the surface soft to the touch, and adds some protection from water damage.
I would say this Walnut color is appropriate for anything from medium oak, to vintage craftsman browns. If you have a light colored finish, try the natural color. The Howard's walnut color is much lighter than Briwax. I also tried Watco Satin Wax, but that was a thin liquid and I felt it didn't skin over to a haze very well. Plus Howard's smells like a basket of fresh oranges! It smells nice while applying it, but the smell doesn't linger.
Highly recommended.