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How to price old growth redwood

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Hi. I need help on pricing old growth redwood from N. California. It was felled in early 60's and milled in 2020. I purchased a garage full of it to open a business then the rancher realized what he had and now I need to liquidate it. I was told a rule of thumb is get todays going price for reg redwood x it by 4. Most my wood is 16 ft long 1-2.5" x 12"-25"
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there is quite a few companies in cali that specialize in reclaimed redwood, been years since we did some biz with them, but that would be an indication of value, ole growth is imo real redwood, not the sappy redwood thats been coming outta cali the last 20 years,
best i can come up with
rj in az
Try a exotic wood dealer to get pricing
Hi. I have tried calling exotic wood places I hv called everyone nobody wants to help me ! I really needed it this morning. So how about the 4 ax's rule.
Also it's not reclaimed redwood this is straight from the mill and was cut in the 60's and left rt there till 2 yrs ago
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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