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How to make quilted veneer green

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A friend of mine wants me to make a showcase for a Spanish galleon he built as a kid. The ship is beautiful, almost museum quality. I'm thinking I can make the floor out a quilted veneer dyed green to approximate the color and wave like look of the ocean. In searching veneer sites, I'm finding the most dramatic, wave like figure is typically a red or brown based veneer. Can I bleach and dye? Will that mess with the quilted figure? Any suggestions?
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Just a thought. Have a look at this project.
I used curly maple and aniline dye, then sanded a little to create the "light through water" effect. That may work for you.
Quilted maple and green aniline dye.
Definitely use a non grain raising dye. I use transtint or a green NGR dye from Wood Finisher's Depot.
Sounds good but I wonder why someone who could make a spanish galleon museum quality as a kid would then get someone to make the show case???? I suppose he's not got the time but you would think he would relish the challenge Alistair
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