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How to make a mallet

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I ave seen many great mallets on LJ's for awhile now, and this weekend I made my daughters toddler bed. During that process I did a lot of chisel work and all I had was a deadblow hammer. Tis worked ok, but I figured if I had to cut more than what I did, I we be at it all week!

I decided I wanted to build one for this purpose. I have searched, like others have, for plans and the like, but have come up with nothing.

Can anyone tell me where I can find some, what wood to use, and basic dimentions?

Thanks for reading,
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try these plans. Depending on the size of the holes you drill you can adjust the weight.
I have a story on a simple carvers mallet. I made a bunch of them in different sizes and styles, gasve some away but keep several around the shop because one was hardly ever close at hand when I need one!

Click Here to see the story
I have built some mallets (see here if you like) out of black locust from my garden. The best shape - in my experience - is that of the first link posted by Lew.
I have made a couple of mallets, (see projects), and they are rather easy. There are many ways to make them as there are styles…
on Steve ramsey's website search mallet
see this tutorial:
I think this is the easiest way to make a great, solid mallet. Basically the style recommended by Antonio (Lew's first link), but with a laminated head with the slanted mortise let in.
glentruan: Those are so COOL and simple… Just what I'm looking for…
Can you share the Plan with us? Very nice idea you have there… using them for advertising, etc.! :)
Do you sell those mallets? They look great! Couldn't find anything about them on your website.
I just saw this post. If you want to make a round mallet, I have made a lot of them and I like the last ones I made with a 2 1/8 dia. head 6" long and a handle sticking 9" out of the head. I turn hand handle to fit my hand usually about 1 3/8" in the center of the grip. Here is one project:

Cheers, Jim
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