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How to line up hinges

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Being a newbe at this woodworking thing, I choose a pretty involved project for my first. A 24×32 inch oak cabinet with raised panel doors to put an electronic dart board in. Corse I could have purchased one for the dart board when I ordered it for about a hundred dollars.

I remember seeing on someone's sig. "Why buy it when you can build it" Sooooooooo by the time I buy lumbar, matched rail and stile bits, raised panel bit(s) (I didn't like the first one I bought so I ordered one from MLCS) I have over four hundred into it, but I am learning and enjoining the experience.

What I would like to know is how do you guys measure for hinges? Is there a trick to getting them right the first time? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I've really learned a lot just reading the posts here and love the site.

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I have issues with hinge alignment as well. I find that if I use piano hinges alignment is easy…well, sometimes. I am really not the one to answer this so perhaps I will defer to more experienced hingers.
By the way, your hyper-link doesn't seem to be valid.
Thanks Chris, I've corrected the links.
From the photo above, it looks like you're mostly there. With the cabinet on its back and the doors lying flat and aligned perfectly, just choose a uniform distance from the top and bottom edges and make your marks on both the door and the cabinet at the same time. With this, I assume you're mortising your hinges? If so, use the hinge as a guide and use a marking knife or x-acto blade to mark the locations. That'll give you an exact boundary for your mortises.

I hope this is what you were looking for. Beautiful cabinet, by the way.
commajockey has some good points.

curious - what hinges are you using?
Thanks Commajockey I'll try that and let you know. I'm using No-Mortise Classic Brass Hinges from Rockler.
$400. I never count the cost of new tools against a project knowing they will be used on more projects. Plus your dart sessions will be more enjoyable knowing you built the beautiful cabinet yourself. It may hurt a little when a stray dart hits wood though.
Robert, yea I kinda agree about the cost of tools. I'm a retired heavy equipment mech with about 60,000 in tools. Now I've got the same problem whenever I look at the woodworking tool websites LOL. Obsesions are hell------
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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