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How to get round Bowl Bottoms

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I have been trying my hand at turning some small bowls but I am having a problem with getting the bottom round. The edge of the bottom is round but not the bottom. I am wanting them to look like a cereal bowl. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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Photos would help.

Inside or outside?
It is the outside of bowl. Don't have pictures available at this time.
All about how you stand, hold the tool, and body movement.

Go buy a bowl turning video or check out You Tube or link below.
And you will need a bit of a flat spot or some kind of foot on the bottom so it is stable.

Also look for videos on turning spheres. Spheres are great practice.
Not sure I fully understand the question. Round as opposed to what? Oval?
Round bottom as opposed to a flat one. I know you need to have a flat foot on the bottom so bowl doesn't just wobble. My problem is that I am only getting just the edges rounded. It goes from a straight side down to a rounded edge then a flat bottom. It looks more like a cup than a bowl.
Keep cutting until you have the shape you want? Maybe leave a foot instead of a flat bottom. Picture it in your mind or sketch it on paper beforehand.

You want a shape like this:

Instead of this?
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That's exactly what is happening Rick. I'll keep trying.
bcramer-Just a WAG, but I would says you need to learn how to ride the bevel and swing the tool handle … much easier to control the cut.

What kind of tools are you using (HSS, carbide, etc.)?
If click on videos at link already provided. Just scroll down video list Stuart will walk you through stance, how to hold & rotate tool and body at the same time.

I learned to turn bowls by readin books, and buying video tapes, today with so many good videos on line for free easy peasy.
Thanks Wildwood for link. Really good videos. I see a number of things I need to correct.
Wildwood, those are some excellent videos at that link you provided. I've watched about half of them so far, will go back as soon as I can to watch the rest, and probably watch them again. Thanks for posting it!
Like Stuart because he explains the push cut very well and this is how learned to turn a bowls. I will only use a pull cut when in trouble or shear scrapping.
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