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How to fix gouge in table saw top? (Dewalt contractor tablesaw)

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How would you go about repairing this? I did it with a nail sticking out the bottom of my crosscut sled.


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I'd leave it alone unless it's interfering with it's operation. If that's the case, then I'd fill it with some JB weld and sand flush with the surrounding table.

That won't matter one bit, other than to annoy you. Trying to fix it might wind up making it worse.
jb weld
If you filled it you'd have to scrape or sand it down which would damage the anodizing adjacent.
If the edges are raised up, I'd put some painter's tape on either side of the gouge and lightly sand it smooth. Otherwise, I agree with the others and would just leave it be.
It's a critical error! That saw will, never, EVER, cut properly again. The ONLY solution is to SCRAP IT and replace it with an "equivalent" cabinet saw …
Just make sure there are no burrs on the edges and keep using the saw.

I bought my first contractor's saw with a divot already in the cast iron table as the previous owner contacted it with a spinning biscuit jointer blade. Never made any difference in how it worked and I had that saw for 11 years.

Looking back, I view that divot as a good thing. It freed me from being worried about cosmetics on tools in my shop. I don't abuse my tools, or let them rust. However, "patina" is a fact of life and as long as it doesn't affect usage, I don't care.
Don't try to fix it. If you fill it and sand it smooth you will remove the surrounding coating. There is another post on here right now where someone has the same saw and tried to fill in a low spot on their top and then sand it smooth. It really looks bad. If anything find a gray permanent marker and fill it in.
Okay, thanks for the feedback!

I will leave it as is.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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