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How to design/build folding bench??

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I want to build this bench because it is foldable and doesn't have a lot of metal hardware.

Does anyone have any similar plans on how to build this?

How does this bench work to open and close with the arched wood between the legs?

Everything seems straightforward to build except by the center arching piece of wood and how to attaches to the table and the legs.


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The curved board is sprung down to release the ends. The curved piece is removed from the stopped mortises and the legs swing inwards. The two pieces can be stacked or stood up.

The trick is knowing how much longer to cut the curved piece so it springs, but doesn't crack. This varies by species and dimensions and this knowledge is the art of the piece.

Select a species and an arc and see if it will conform. If it won't, guess again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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