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How To: Bentwood Rings

I started to tag this on to someone else's project post but thought they might not appreciate me hijacking their thread. So here it goes:


1) Soak your thin veneer of choice in some water for a while. It doesn't even have to be hot water.
2) Glue and wrap said veneer around a 'thing'(preferrably a round 'thing') and let it dry. Go-Rilla glue works.
3) Remove it from the 'thing'.
4) Sand the inside and outside to shape. A lathe is really not required to get very good results.
5) Apply your finish of choice.
6) Post in on LJ under 'Projects'.

Seriously folks, that is about it. What kind of veneer? Use what you have in your shop. Different veneers behave differently. Even if I tell you the exact one I use, then you will likely have slightly different results and/or problems. Ya just have to try it out and gain that elusive experience.

How long do you have to soak it? A while. We're not building rockets here. Different veneers take different amounts of time. If it breaks, try longer. Or use thinner veneer.


Adding contrasting inlay strips… Glue up strips of contrasting woods, then rip to thin veneer strips. Use these for rings with contrasting inlays. How about contrasting liners? Try scarfing one contrasting veneer to another(end to end). You only need a few inches for the contrasting liner.

Oh, and you wanted pictures. :( Use your imagination as to ring shapes and wood combinations.

I truely hope many of you try this out. It is fun, elusive, and imensly rewarding. I wish you all the best in your results.
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