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How to adjust a Wixey on a planer?

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I have a Wixey on my planer and it is off by 0.002".
If I calibrate it as per the instruction and then check the reading on the Wixey with a digital caliper I constantly have a difference of 0.002".
I checked my HF digital caliper with a calibrated shim set, it is right on.
So how can adjust the Wixey so that its reading will be accurate, matching the digital caliper reading?
I could not find anything on Wixey's website but he ordinary instruction
Thank you.
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Is your Wixey reading 0.002 too "thick" or too thin? For one, you might try carefully running the wood through the planer with a thin piece of paper or plastic under it and then following the calibration procedure. For the other case, run the wood through normally but add the paper as a 0.002 shim during the "zeroing out" step. The idea in both cases is to get the planer height and the wixey measurement to be off by exactly 0.002 to correct the issue.

A related question is whether you really need the 0.002 precision but I've been known to be a bit of a perfectionist myself sometimes, so I get it :)

Let us know how you solve it, and good luck!
Hit it with a 5 lb sledge hammer. Always works for me.
I have the same Wixey readout for my planer. The Specifications on the back of the package state the accuracy is within +/- .0025". So you may not get it any better than what you have it now..

Good luck with it Bert
What's a Wixey?
Vehicle registration plate Measuring instrument Automotive tire Gas Machine

I am not after the 0.002 precision which I think is not necessary in wood working but having two different readings cause me to never know which one is correct, I believe that the Wixey is off.
In addition if I want a piece of wood to be exactly 3/4" thick , I cannot rely on the Wixey, so why did I pay for it?


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I reread you post. If you are consistently off by .002 then you may need to adjust the Wixey mounting bracket on the planer.

I remember in the instructions saying the foot of the Wixey must be either level or slightly higher than the infeed table. If the foot is lower than the infeed table it won't calibrate accurately. If I remember correctly it is stated in the beginning of the instructions

It may help you to place a straight edge across the infeed table and over the foot of the Wixey to see if the foot of the Wixey is level or slighlty higher, or slightly lower. Adjust as needed and that may help.

When I installed mine I used the predrilled holes and not the adhesive backed tape so I was able to adjust it slightly by loosening the mounting screws, tweaked it and retightened the screws…

Hope this helps Bert …good luck !
Thank you kdc68.
I shall check.
i just installed a wixie on my DW735:

I planned a board to 3/4" then loosened the side set screw and adjusted the wixey to 3/4". I'm fairly confident that i got it within 1/128" (0.0078125"). I'm not sure my low-end caliper is much more accurate than that. If need anything finer than that i'll go to the hand planes.

Based on the picture it looks like you're out a 1/32" (0.03125")?
Thank you Rob,
I shall try that too.
"Based on the picture it looks like you're out a 1/32" (0.03125")?"
The picture is not "my" Wixey but from Amazon
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