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In Late December(2009) we had Christmas.Last month we had Taipusam (A Hindu ceremony). And tomorrow we will have two days Chinese New Year holidays. As the second day falls on Sunday, Monday is a holiday… 3 days stretch.
There is another holiday coming, the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. I think Malaysia is the only country in the world where there are many,many holidays.

And,whew! How time flies! It appears as if the new year day was only yesterday. Suddenly we are in the middle of February. The coming and the ending of a year,though, is the same here; there is no season to think about and no preparation to think of.

Every year I lost a few friends. And as I grow older I get more lonesome as my circle of friends get smaller and smaller until one day I too would be gone.

I always feel sad when God has to take someone away. He might not be a close friend but I feel sad that I have not tried to get closer to him. I regret that we tend to remember the bad things about somebody when he is alive but only think of the good things about him when he is dead.

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