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How sharp should Forstner drill bits be out of box?

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I bought some Forstner drill bits that I would classify as medium priced. When I open the box and feel the sharpness they all feel like a dull knife. I didn't really expect them to be Samurai sharp but I am really wondering if I need to sharpen them or just take them back. Anyone else experience this?
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I don't know if there is any objective way to describe what they should feel like out of the box, but you should not have to sharpen them before you use them.

I would try them out and see what happens.
I have an old cheap set of Forstners I bought used about 10 years ago.
All of them except the 1/4" and 3/8" bits will cut you if you run your finger along the edge.

The 1/4" I dropped on a cinder block stack and the 3/8" hit a hidden screw. They both still work but not well.
A whole sharper than those POS things by Ryobi, which chunk their way through wood!
Don't fuss about it, just sharpen them to your liking. A dremel with a small cone point will sharpen the rim knife and teeth, and a small triangle file sharpens the raker blade. I sharpen my Forstners any time they need it and it's not difficult.
If the shavings come off in a nice spiral without burning or using an excessive amount of force, they are sharp enough.
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