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How much should I bid

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Hey Guys,

I'm new to woodworking, and I find my self wanting a #7 Jointer Plane. At the risk of having someone else biding against me I have attached the link. How much should I bid?

stanley #7 jointer plane. Type 14
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It looks like a really nice plane with an upgraded iron and chipbreaker. I probably would cap it at $100 myself. That said, I usually buy the uglier planes for cheaper and clean them up.
I bought almost exactly the same plane (and pretty much same condition) for $110 shipped. I'm not sure what that says about how much you should bid….things get a little out of wack on e-bay sometimes. I'm also not sure whether I got a good deal or not, I wanted it and was willing to pay what I did.
Be mindful of what a seller may charge for shipping, which could be the exact postal rate, or a ridiculous fee like $75. Look at other listings and see what other sellers charge for shipping, those that use the internal calculator.
The shipping is only $11 which seems pretty inexpensive for such a large plane. And the seller has good feedback. I'd bid with confidence.
I think I paid $75 for mine on ebay but it needed work and I replaced the irons w/ Hock irons. So w/ that plane already has replacement irons and is cleaned up I would go to $100/110 range. Watch the shipping though that can be a killer on ebay.
The knife/iron combination new costs $60. It does look like a clean working plane. If I wanted it bad enough I'd probably get up to $120-135 but that's really to high, imo. Alternatively you could gamble on an average #7 (which would probably run $40-75) and clean/tune. You may want an aftermarket knife/iron anyway which makes the one you're looking at more attractive.
Wow I really love this site with in 5min I already have 6 replies, thanks. If I don't get this one and I go for one I need to clean and tune what should I look for, and what should I stay away from?

Thanks again everyone.
I paid 75+ shipping from DonW for a really nice type 13 #7 with a victory iron. See if he has anything currently. I couldn't have asked for anything better than what I got.
@ lumberjoe

Sorry I'm pretty new who or what is DonW?
Based on what I've seen lately it will probably go for more than what I would pay for it. It wouldn't surprise me if that plane will go for more than a $125 or more. Sometimes I get tired of Ebay because you can really burn some time on there.

helluvawreck aka Charles
Wait til the last possible second before the auction ends. If the bidding is still below $100, bid $101. (I really shouldn't be giving away my eBay strategy.) I have found that if you set a maximum bid in your head, you should not tip your hand ahead of time. That's how the bidding wars start. Also, by waiting till the last moment, you won't be tempted to go over what you had intended to be your max price.
I got one off ebay for 24 bucks that was a little rusted and the handle was cracked. After I picked it up I dropped it into some evapo rust, re painted it
and fixed the handle, and it works as well as any I have ever used. IMO if you are going to actually use it than it doesnt have to look perfect, it just has to work perfect.
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Is there any brand I should be looking for?
I like the Stanley Bailey's because they are good planes and can be found on the cheap. The Stanley Bedrocks are nice but it is very rare you will find one for a deal. I have a few Bedrock Planes and IMHO the Baileys work just as well. Hope that helps.
The shipping is $30 to me, so your proximity to the seller
will be a factor in your overall cost.

The plane looks nice, and if that appeals to you and
you want to pay for it….

.... but a #7 can be got for less than $50. Just keep
watching auctions.
So it sounds like I might be better off buying a rusty one and restore it. I should be able to get new blades & chip breaker correct?
Most of the time the blade and the chip breaker are in salvagable condition but if youd like to upgrade you certainnly can. Ive refurbed around 15 planes and have only had to replace one iron that was pitted to hell and unusable.
The main thing is to observe if parts are missing and
for chips and cracks around the mouth.
Yes, you can can get new parts IF you need them. I was able to use the same chip breaker and iron as they were a little rusty but overall in good shape. The biggest thing to look for is cracks in the plane and knowing the difference between surface rust and severe rust. In my experience a little pitting on the plane itself usually doesnt effect the use of it as long as its not severe. Pitting on the blade is a different story though. If the blade does have pitting you can get a new one pretty easy. And you can always feel proud that you saved a tool from going to the salvage yard lol

Also, dont worry to much about the handle and tote. You can always find used ones somewhere or make them yourself.
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