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How hot should a jigsaw get?

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I just bought a Bosch barrell grip jig saw off of Amazon. I tried it out on some 3/4 ply and I am very pleased with the saw. It is smooth and the cuts are very nice. My quesiton is, after only about 5 minutes of using the jigsaw it was pretty darn hot. Is this normal?

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I have tried a bunch of jigsaws for reviews over the years and they all get what I consider very hot around the front end. I talked to factory reps at a few shows and they all said the same thing - that there is lots going on in there and those cases have considerable amounts of lubricant that transfers lots of heat to the cover.
I have a Bosch barrel grip that I have use extensively for a couple years now and it runs perfect today. It does get hot but that has not bothered it a bit.
All tools are going to generate heat after extended use. My Festool sander gets pretty warm when I'm running it for a bit. As long as it's not so hot that it burns you, I think you're pretty safe.
i got a barrel grip too ,
make sure your blades are good for the work/wood and sharp ,
as a rule
warm enough to keep your coffee warm ,
cold enough not to burn your toast .
I've noticed the same thing with jigsaws. But I'm like Chris. If it's not hot enough to burn you it should be OK.
Hey guys thanks a lot! I am very happy with the new saw and really did not want to hear that it was defective. Isn't lumberjocks awesome. I have an issue Sunday morning and I have 4 answers by the time I get home from church. sweet.
I have quite a few electronic components, like the bosh jigsaw, and it is quite common that these do get warm. It is quite a comforting feeling, once you got used to it, as it tells you how smoking hot your work is.
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