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How Do You Typically Start Your Day

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How do you typically start your day?

Do you wake up slowly and stumble to the coffee pot?

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Or, are you one of those people who wakes up smiling and head out for a run?

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"I have a "carpe diem" mug and, truthfully, at six in the morning the words do not make me want to seize the day. They make me want to slap a dead poet." Joanne Sherman
I get up early (3 am) and start coffee. Talk to a few folks on the Stumpy Nubs thread. Work in the shop a couple hours, go to the regular job, come back to the shop for a few hours and start over. I grew up on the farm. The day started early and quickly.
Wow Monte, I though I was the insomniac. I am normally up at 3 as well but try to force myself back to sleep. For sure coffee and a cig before 1-2 hours of research and reading about world events, commodity and equity future's markets, financial news, currency fluctuations, bond yields and so on. Then out for a walk-about before heading to work. To the shop from work until it gets too dark or too cold.
I'm up at 4:00-4:30, dress and check Lumberjock e-mails from those on my Buddy list. Open the shop, meet the paper carrier, do a simple short crossword with a couple of mugs of strong coffee. Then to the shop or yard work if it's daylight yet. Back to the shop. Enjoy the day and retire early. Was up before 5:00 am through High School and college and 55 years of three different careers. "Bombs and bullets"
I get up between 2:30 and 3:00 AM every morning.
I make a pot of coffee and then I read my Bible for one hour or so or I correct my students' work before going to work.
During the weekend I often am in my shop around 3:.00 AM
I am ready to go as soon as I get up.
WOW! Y'all are amazing!

Many of you are getting up right about the time I am calling it a night. LOL

I am one of those people that stumbles to the coffee pot…
I am up and running. Too much stuff to get done in the day. I usually get up around 5 am and cram a billion things in before I go to bed around midnight. If all goes well then I can get a few hours in the shop on the weekends.

Cricket my dad gets up early also but then if you take into the multiple naps during the day and going to be at the crazy hour of 8 pm…..
My schedule varies constantly depending on what I am doing. I usually get up around 7:30am and work till around 1pm (or whenever my wife comes out and gets me) before I go inside and take a lunch break. I then work to somewhere around 6:45 to 7pm and then go inside and have dinner with my wife and hang out her until around 10:30pm when she goes to sleep. Then I go back out to my shop and work until around 1 or 2am…
Occasionally in the mid afternoon…if my eyeballs start feeling heavy… I will go upstairs to my office above the workshop and conk out in my recliner for 30 minutes or so….really makes a difference and re-energizes me.
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5 oclock and 32 ozs of mountain dew not sure how long that will last before heart gives out hahaha!
I get up in the morning and figure out how the screws and bolts in my back and hips are going to be.

If I feel good and can walk…then I smile to myself and say its going to be another great day.
Andy Ponder, I absolutely LOVE that image! :)
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I used to get up at 5:00 when I was working, but now that I am getting older and retired, I'm getting up later and later each day. But once up, a cup of coffee is no. one on my list. I wonder what people who don't drink coffee do?
I go pee pee…..
(you had to know somebody was going to say it) :)
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Cricket…....beware the coffee owls. :)



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kdc68…............Sometimes I wish I had a cup about that size to start with. :)

Laughing so hard!
Unlike most here, I don't have to be up early, one of the perks of being retired at an early age so I get to sleep in every morning getting up around 7:00 ish I don't need coffee to get me going, I first start if off with taking my dog for a walk then upon getting back I then feed the birds then my dog, then I sit at the computer for a bit then make my way out to the shop, it's mostly piddling though.
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