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How about a weather report from around the country....part 2

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Hey gang,

Here we go with part 2 of the weather reports…..It is 22 out now, and the low will be 16 and expected to be cold for the next few days and nights….It will get down into the twenties for highs, and in the teens for lows…..Everyone stay warm and toasty as possible…..If you live in non cold country, stay cool as you can…..!!! And let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods as far as the weather goes…!!!
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Stayed inside the house most of the day.....3 hours IN the shop....Looked like it was a mix of sun and clouds all day.
55 cloudy degrees outside....always seems to rain on my birthday.
Errands to run, today...
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Kind of cloudy today and will hit the mid 60's. Got a little work to get the boat set up for the lake on Wednesday then back at the bench.
It's going to hit the low 80's today. I'm looking at making some real progress on the bench.
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Phoenix has high of 90°, low of 69° today; and humidity range of 25-50%.
Weather has been difficult the last couple days. By mid-afternoon; clouds develop over the NE mountains, and forebode a impending thunderstorm. The storm comes and fizzles out when it hits the metro valley. Only the extreme NE suburbs get any rain. Had just enough sprinkles two nights ago to rearrange the dirt on vehicles at Klutz zoo in SE section of valley. The higher humidity makes afternoons very sticky for normally dry SW desert. Almost fells like an early monsoon season? Had to turn on the shop refrigerator this week.

FWIW - The new owner of my last Unisaw restoration, sent me a pic of the machine. Posted the images in the Before and After restoration thread if interested?

Old timers might remember my early 1940's Crescent Heavy 20" Band saw posted long ago? Now that I have room to work in shop with Unsiaw sold, started finishing band saw. Put new fully crowned wheels on custom mobile base for better mobility, and began reassembly work. It's finally looking like a band saw again, even if my body is angry with me for playing with a 950lb all cast iron machine. My sciatica is screaming at me, or I would working on it now and not posting online?

Still lots of work left to do on the Crescent band saw.
Wheels need new rubber tires installed; blade guide, table, and dust port assembly; and have to build/install the 1PH to 3PH for the 850RPM direct drive motor.
Should have rest of reassembly done this weekend, except the tires and VFD.
Completing this will still take many weeks, as I may need to build a tire stretching jig, and my OCD hasn't let me determine the best VFD mounting yet. :p

Enough babble >> Be Happy, Healthy, and Safe!
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It's been around 90° and getting more humid the last week or so. We finally got about an inch of rain last night. We sure could use more.

I've been watering every day sine out new landscaping was completed a week ago. I'm not looking forward to seeing our next water bill. o_O

Still dinking around with shop cabinets. I'm going to add a couple more to the mix, so will work on those boxes next.

Stay safe and healthy everyone
Ok, I was mistaken. We did NOT get an inch of rain last night. We got 5 inches!
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It rained like the dickens here yesterday. Sun shiny and blue skies today. It might hit 70.
Good evening all. It's 71° and cloudy. We had a few drops fall today, beats about it. The other day I dumped ANOTHER 5" out of the rain guage and yesterday we got another 1.25". We're supposed to get some more tomorrow.

We had a sink hole open up in one of the retention ponds. Not sure how deep it is. They claim they do some geological testing before laying out the new neighborhoods here to be sure the areas most prone are in fact in the dry retention ponds (we have no permanent standing water on the property). Hopefully they can fill it and it won't be an ongoing issue.

I put together the carcass for the last shop cabinet. I picked up some lumber for the face frame. I'll start milling that when I crawl out from under the bus that hit me today. Had a scratchy throat yesterday and it has blossomed into chills, body aches..... even my skin hurts. Grrr....

Stay safe and healthy (er than me) everyone
It's 75° and dark at the moment. Got into upper 80's the last few days. Rain should be returning later this week.

I'm over my cold except for some lingering congestion. I'm guessing it'll be lingering for a while.

Stay safe and healthy everyone
At the is 82 mostly clear and sunny outside....AC Unit is on and running....into the realm of the 80s and 90s the next couple weeks...Almost glad the shop is IN the basement...
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