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How about a weather report from around the country....part 2

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Hey gang,

Here we go with part 2 of the weather reports…..It is 22 out now, and the low will be 16 and expected to be cold for the next few days and nights….It will get down into the twenties for highs, and in the teens for lows…..Everyone stay warm and toasty as possible…..If you live in non cold country, stay cool as you can…..!!! And let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods as far as the weather goes…!!!
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83° and sunny today. Humidity is 47% and winds are 18 gusting to 26 mph. The winds are blowing around all kinds of dust from the abundance of development.

Putting all the trim back on around the laundry room cabinets. That should wrap up that project and let me finish the shop cabinets. Deb's looking at hall benches so I know what I'll be building next....

Stay safe and healthy everyone
Currently 91° & 12% RH in Phoenix.

Was extremely windy yesterday as a front through the area.
All the Mesquite and Palo verde trees are flowering, and front yard was has been raining yellow flowers and pollen.
Insert 10 sneezes, constant weezing, and lots of runny noses; here......

Appears Arizona spring is returning for short visit. Supposed to drop down to lower 80's end of this week. :)
Will not return to upper 90's for about 10 days, after which time we flirt with typical 100° mark for the rest of May.

Be Happy, Healthy, and Safe!
Beautiful weather here, blue skies and headed to 80+. A short trip to the dump then back to the shop. I sure hope to make some progress with this dovetail issue.
It's 58° calm and cloudless this morning. Yesterday was another picture perfect day with a high of 85° and humidity at 25%. The high winds have finally blown out of the area. Today we are looking at high of 88°. Chance of rain starting tomorrow.

Stay safe and healthy everyone
50 clear and SUNNY degrees outside the door this morning....

Cinco de Mayo! On a FRIDAY to boot!
We've been getting a crap load of rain today and it's only 47. I'm sitting here waiting my for my new router bit to arrive before I make the next move on the bench.
Hit 73 degrees today! clear and sunny outside!

Friendly Vampires this morning....McD's Steak & Egg Bagel for breakfast AFTER the blood test...also had to Pee in a bottle, again....

Waiting on glue..again..
Wood Gas Machine Automotive wheel system Engineering

Cinco de Mayo today....
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51 partly sunny degrees outside the door.....chance of rain tomorrow...
Only made it to 81° today due to cloud cover. Humidity also ticked up a bit, but no rain yet.

Got the face frames on the shop cabinets today. Need some plywood for the backs. BBob - I too was waiting on a router bit. But this one was a Freud warranty replacement. Just came back the other day.

Well, that's it for me.

Stay safe and healthy everyone
It's been raining like the dickens the last couple of days. Good thing I fertilized the lawn the day before it started. Looks like I didn't get the goat heads sprayed in time. They are a local pest weed with a sticker bur. Guess as soon as they dry out I'll have to burn them out with my propane wand.
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74 mostly cloudy degrees around here...not much else going on....

Need fresh gas for the mower, BEFORE anything can be done.....older gas ( from last year) smells more like Kerosene
It's 82° and mostly sunny. High was only 83 breezy degrees.

Started insulating the garage door today. Had some other things going on, so only got it half way. There's always tomorrow. The shop door is already done since I have the mini split in there.

They are supposed to start our landscaping this week. Now, will it be Monday this week? Or Friday this week? Hmmmm... Stay tuned.

Stay safe and healthy everyone
Looks like it's going to start warming up again. It could get to the 80's by the weekend.
It's 71° right now, with a dew point of 71°. So that puts us in the catagory of "air you can wear". We made it to 93° today and finally got some rain. We'll be in that afternoon rain pattern for a while.

They started out landscaping today instead of tomorrow. So they got all the mulch and crappy plants and trees out, and removed the stoop off the lanai where the patio will be. They said they may be done on Friday? We'll see.

Stay safe and healthy everyone
we hit 77 mostly sunny degrees today...might get a T-Storm tomorrow?
High was unusual 76° yesterday. Probably the last 'cool' day in Arizona, till the end of September? 😬
Today's high is a pleasant 88°.
Highs are expected to tickle the 100° mark for next several days as we return to normal May weather.

Spent the last week putting finishing touches on another resto-mod Unisaw. It gets picked up tomorrow by it's new owner.
Actually did some wood working for once, as I made extension tables and applied Formica laminate to them. ;)

Good Drama this week:
Older son's graduation ceremony from ASU WP Carey School of Business was Tuesday night. Bachelor's degree with dual major; Business Marketing and IT Management. A company that he interned at last summer, liked his work so much they made a position for him. He gets to work in Phoenix, staying close, while his GF finishes her MS. He asked me advice on engagement ring shopping last week? Youngest son passed all his finals this week, and officially graduates HS next week. Will be taking some classes at local community college next month, as he can't decide what path to pursue yet; but is too smart to not continue his education. Never a due moment in the Klutz Zoo.

Be Happy, Healthy, and Safe!
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Beautiful day here, mid 70's and blue sky. What sucks is a lot of chisel sharpening and yard work. I've also got to wire up the boat batteries. I might try to hit the lake Monday.
Been raining off and on all the live long day, around up into the HUMID 70s today...

Was working way too hard for a Friday, this morning...decided to quit for the say about...noon-ish....
Weather is changing and unstable this weekend in Phoenix?
Have 89° at 10am. High temp of 98° expected.
Trace amounts of rain have fallen in mountains NE of valley last 24 hours. Random 15-20% chance of stray shower next few days locally.
Overnight low was 72°, and humidity is higher than normal, ranging from 20-30%. Thankfully mornings are still decent as we tickle the century mark everyday for the rest of this month.
It's breezy outside with gusts just over 20mph so far?
Yes, it's almost blast furnace time in Arizona! 🥵

Be Happy, Healthy, and Safe!
Mid 70's today and partly cloudy. We tried drive up to our favorite spot for mushrooms and huckleberries. Got about 1/2 mile from it but the road was still blocked with snow. The little creek next to the road was almost over the banks from runoff.
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