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HOT DEALS 2.0: Coupons, Sales, Black Friday, eBay, Amazon, BORG, Zoro, Woodcraft, etc.

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A hot deal is a significant discount (including shipping) on DIY or workshop related tools, machines, clothing, books, lumber, or general interest items. Use your discretion. If you think we would be interested, post it. Please include a link, if online, a description, and the price. The discount amount in % or $$ is appreciated but not required.

  • eBay Buy It Now (BIN)
  • Amazon sales, Deal of the Day (DOTD)
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD)
  • Sales, Coupons, Coupon Codes
  • Lowes/HD closeouts
  • Craigslist finds
  • Black Friday

NOT hot deals:
20% off HF coupon, because they are available all the time.
Cheaply made tools.
eBay auctions, because we don't know the final price until the auction ends.
Your favorite or most useful tool.
Amazon "Just Launched" sellers with very low prices (scammer)
Amazon sellers that ask you to email first (scammer)

Shopping Tools

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  • What is an Amazon Warehouse Deal? It is an item with damaged packaging or the item itself may be damaged. It could have been dropped off a truck, punched with a fork truck, opened for a photograph, or a customer return. They are sold as used and the manufacturer warranty may be void. Most of the AWD I've bought were only damaged packaging but you are taking a risk. Note: just because they are sold as "used" does not mean they are actually used. Some customers scam Amazon by returning junk instead of the real product and Amazon may ship that wrong item to you.

  • Amazon '2 Left' Deals Occasionally there will be a super low price on a new item that says "Only 2 left in stock". Buy one and the last one jumps back to full price or you can buy both at the reduced price. For example you might see a $50 widget for $8, 2 Left. If you buy one, the last one jumps back to $50, or you can buy both for $8 each ($16 total).

  • Once in a great while there will be "1 left" and Amazon decides they want it gone and it will drop in price until someone buys it.

Amazon Shopping Tools*

These are mostly Amazon but also work for a few other sites


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Local Craigslist super bargains that will be gone by time you read this post:
Now that all the sales are over my pin nailer crapped out. I'm in the market for a new bostitch hp118k does anyone know of one going for less than 129$???
I am very wary of these black friday/cyber monday sales. An example: Just before Thanksgiving, my wife bought a toy for our grandson, and paid $16.99. On Cyber Monday, the exact same toy (admittedly a different vendor) was selling for $23.99 ON SALE!
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Grizzly has 10% off over 4000 items during the " This Grizzly Doesn't Hibernate" sale?

The Grizzly Bear Crawl Mobile base is currently priced lower than the introductory price a few years ago @ $79. If you have smooth floors, it works really well.
Posting this for others, as I don't have room for another Unisaw in my rat hole.

Wood Asphalt Font Vehicle Machine

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If anyone is in market for a Festool track saw, recon has them now

1721 - 1728 of 1728 Posts