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HOT DEALS 2.0: Coupons, Sales, Black Friday, eBay, Amazon, BORG, Zoro, Woodcraft, etc.

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A hot deal is a significant discount (including shipping) on DIY or workshop related tools, machines, clothing, books, lumber, or general interest items. Use your discretion. If you think we would be interested, post it. Please include a link, if online, a description, and the price. The discount amount in % or $$ is appreciated but not required.

  • eBay Buy It Now (BIN)
  • Amazon sales, Deal of the Day (DOTD)
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD)
  • Sales, Coupons, Coupon Codes
  • Lowes/HD closeouts
  • Craigslist finds
  • Black Friday

NOT hot deals:
20% off HF coupon, because they are available all the time.
Cheaply made tools.
eBay auctions, because we don't know the final price until the auction ends.
Your favorite or most useful tool.
Amazon "Just Launched" sellers with very low prices (scammer)
Amazon sellers that ask you to email first (scammer)

Shopping Tools

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  • What is an Amazon Warehouse Deal? It is an item with damaged packaging or the item itself may be damaged. It could have been dropped off a truck, punched with a fork truck, opened for a photograph, or a customer return. They are sold as used and the manufacturer warranty may be void. Most of the AWD I've bought were only damaged packaging but you are taking a risk. Note: just because they are sold as "used" does not mean they are actually used. Some customers scam Amazon by returning junk instead of the real product and Amazon may ship that wrong item to you.

  • Amazon '2 Left' Deals Occasionally there will be a super low price on a new item that says "Only 2 left in stock". Buy one and the last one jumps back to full price or you can buy both at the reduced price. For example you might see a $50 widget for $8, 2 Left. If you buy one, the last one jumps back to $50, or you can buy both for $8 each ($16 total).

  • Once in a great while there will be "1 left" and Amazon decides they want it gone and it will drop in price until someone buys it.

Amazon Shopping Tools*

These are mostly Amazon but also work for a few other sites


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While a 1500W (115v) heater won't heat an entire 2 car garage, it will still help. I have a portable A/C that has a heat pump setting for winter heat and it can normally make the garage comfortable enough to not need a jacket but when it is really cold or I have had the heat off for a few days, I use a 1500W IR heater to give it a boost and heat things up more quickly. I have it over the where I stand when working at my bench and it makes a huge difference by creating a nice zone of comfort until the A/C - Heater can catch up.
BTW, I suspect that at least some of the weird behavior we have been seeing lately may be due to the fact that they have been testing https. There could be some other changes as well.
Someone posted a topic about the 11% rebates at Lowes for those of you in areas that also have Menards (Midwest) who apparently regularly have 11% rebates. It looks like Home Depot also offers the rebate as well. Check it out for links to the rebate forms.
Dave, did your research compare the Versaflow to the Trend Airshield Pro? It is on sale right now at Rockler for $370. $355 with free shipping on Amazon.
SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer on $179. I bought one of these before Christmas for printing things for the shop and it I am pretty please with it. So far, I have printed a cyclone separator and a Loc-Line style flexible vacuum hose attachment for less than $20 worth of filament.
I've had it for about 2 months now and so far so good. The only problem I have had is with the build plate but nothing serious, though I am thinking about getting a glass one. The most complex thing that I have printed so far, mostly just to see if I could, is a cyclone for the shop vac. I printed it in 2 parts to get a little extra height (13"). It literally took 2 full days to print. I am running mine using the mini SD card (that came with it) rather than using the PC to feed the gcode. I had a power outage in the middle of printing the cyclone and it was able to resume right where it left off.

EDIT: one of these days I am either going to create a blog about it or start a forum topic related to 3D-printing for the workshop to see what others are doing with them.
Cousineau Wood Products (Spectraply and Dymalux)
2 DAYS - 50% OFF
discount code: FLASH50
I've never seen the Dymalux before but I see the Spectraply turning blanks at Woodcraft from time to time and I've seen a few turned projects. The plys usually look pretty cool once turned or sculpted. BTW, if you sign up for their email list you'll get the notifications for future promotions. Seems like they come about every 3 or 4 months but this is the best one that I have seen so far.
I've got a Sainsmart 3D printer and I am very happy with it so at that price it might be worth a risk.
BTW, the first time I went to the Sainsmart website a couple of months ago looking to buy some 3D filament, I got a 25% off your first purchase offer by registering my email (I use a second one to sign up for spam) so look for that as well. It might have popped up after I closed the tab and went there again later so if you don't see that offer, try that tactic, but you probably have to allow cookies. Another 25% off would almost make that CNC a no-brainer to try.

EDIT: looks like the price has already jumped back up to $230, even though a pop-up while viewing the CNC page shows the $189 price?
Ah thanks. I noticed that they also have 15% off a blue laser add-on for the CNC at the bottom of the page. I wonder if you can get that deal with the $189 price.

EDIT: Note that Sainsmart often offers the same deal several times. This one appears to be limited to the first 30 people so perhaps that won't happen here but you never no.
Amazon has some but not sure if the pricing is good. You may have to search through a bunch of them to find one that is priced right. I bought some black UHMW from Zoro a few years ago that was the best price I could find at the time but looked again a year or so later and their prices were high.

EDIT: Wow! I just did a couple of quick searches. The stuff is almost as expensive as steel.
Anyone stop getting notifications from this forum or is it just me?

- WorksInTheory
I've turned off the email notifications but they all still show up on the pulse page as usual.
SainSmart x Creality Ender-3 3D Printer $180.

This from the same company that was selling that CNC machine a few days ago. I bought this printer a few months ago and I have been very happy with it so far.
I like the look of those style drawer pulls but I they drive me crazy. I am always hooking clothing or other things on the free ends. PITA.
There are other woodworking forums?
Rockler Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise Regularly $130 now $80
I was looking for the best prices on RZ Masks and stumbled upon a website ( that has coupon codes. The one I tried (RZ20) got me 20% off at the website. It wasn't a hot deal but for what I ordered, it ended up being a few bucks cheaper than what I would have gotten at Amazon, though the combinations were a little different so it is a little hard to compare identical shopping carts.

Anyway, the website might be worth a look.
I decided to try the RZ masks hoping it is comfortable to wear mostly for when I'm generating lots of dust in the shop or mowing the lawn during allergy season. I don't spray lots of finishes, I mostly use Tried and True oils, so I am not expecting to use it for that but I will give it a try when I occasionally use a canned spray finish just to see. I ordered extra carbon and non-carbon high flow filters to give them both a try. Oddly enough the standard carbon filters are less expensive for some reason.

EDIT: BTW, I went for the lighter weight RZ 2 mesh masks rather than the neoprene ones, figuring that they would be more comfortable during the summer months.
Rich was that the velcro mask? I went with the M2.5 mask which has 2 straps because I was afraid that the single velcro one, while easier to put on, would be more prone to slipping down? I looked at the Fightech masks but was afraid that the neoprene would be too hot for extended use. I also saw some reviews that the neoprene smelled pretty bad when new and had to be washed before use.
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