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HOT DEALS 2.0: Coupons, Sales, Black Friday, eBay, Amazon, BORG, Zoro, Woodcraft, etc.

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A hot deal is a significant discount (including shipping) on DIY or workshop related tools, machines, clothing, books, lumber, or general interest items. Use your discretion. If you think we would be interested, post it. Please include a link, if online, a description, and the price. The discount amount in % or $$ is appreciated but not required.

  • eBay Buy It Now (BIN)
  • Amazon sales, Deal of the Day (DOTD)
  • Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD)
  • Sales, Coupons, Coupon Codes
  • Lowes/HD closeouts
  • Craigslist finds
  • Black Friday

NOT hot deals:
20% off HF coupon, because they are available all the time.
Cheaply made tools.
eBay auctions, because we don't know the final price until the auction ends.
Your favorite or most useful tool.
Amazon "Just Launched" sellers with very low prices (scammer)
Amazon sellers that ask you to email first (scammer)

Shopping Tools

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  • What is an Amazon Warehouse Deal? It is an item with damaged packaging or the item itself may be damaged. It could have been dropped off a truck, punched with a fork truck, opened for a photograph, or a customer return. They are sold as used and the manufacturer warranty may be void. Most of the AWD I've bought were only damaged packaging but you are taking a risk. Note: just because they are sold as "used" does not mean they are actually used. Some customers scam Amazon by returning junk instead of the real product and Amazon may ship that wrong item to you.

  • Amazon '2 Left' Deals Occasionally there will be a super low price on a new item that says "Only 2 left in stock". Buy one and the last one jumps back to full price or you can buy both at the reduced price. For example you might see a $50 widget for $8, 2 Left. If you buy one, the last one jumps back to $50, or you can buy both for $8 each ($16 total).

  • Once in a great while there will be "1 left" and Amazon decides they want it gone and it will drop in price until someone buys it.

Amazon Shopping Tools*

These are mostly Amazon but also work for a few other sites


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Someone posted in another thread they wanted a set of these, hopefully they are watching.

3M Worktunes Wireless Hearing Protection with Bluetooth Technology and AM/FM Radio
$46.31, warehouse deal, original packaging, almost $20 off
My guess is the damage is to the original package and not the headphones but no guarantees.
Paslode 650215 2-Inch by 18 Gauge Galvanized Brad Nail (2,000 per Box)
$7.18, like new, warehouse
Free plan from Woodsmith, might have to to go through IG.

Shelf Property Furniture Bookcase Product


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I bought one of these before Christmas for printing things for the shop and it I am pretty please with it.
- Lazyman
I have a Mini Delta and hate it, the thing constantly stops working for no apparent reason. How fussy is the Ender?
...create a blog about it or start a forum topic related to 3D-printing for the workshop to see what others are doing with them.

- Lazyman
Please do.
I got an email to create a new woodsmith account and got a credit for any free plan. Can t decide which one I want to get now.

- Steve
They also have free plans for anything featured on their tv show, just have to give them an email address.
The eBay app just gave me a list of a bunch of reconditioned tools from DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Ridgid, etc. For example the DW735R planer from CPO outlet is listed for $439. I ve seen it lower in the past but not without a 15 to 20% coupon code. And the recon doesn t come with extension tables. Hot deal or not?

- Alex Lane
I wouldn't feel bad about buying at that price, it's a $600+ planer. I don't use the extension tables on mine and snipe is so minimal that I can't imagine using them would make much difference. Besides you could always make a set.
Jet 70411 Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set $147.59
regular price $270, 2 sets, warehouse deal acceptable
Hitachi KNT50AB Brad Nailer and Compressor Combo Kit, 6 Gallon Pancake Air Tank, 5/8" to 2" Brad Nails, Includes 25' Air Hose
$99 recon
220v/440V Heavy Duty Remote Motor Starter Switch
$42.31 vg warehouse, regular $130

Remote control for dust collector.
These are the best quality airguns made IMO and they are homegrown.
Guardair 76S006 Booster Safety Air Gun
$10.30 warehouse very good
about half price
That happened to me on this same air gun, I got an old beat up piece of crap, but that was a couple years ago. I've ordered Guardair since and got what I was supposed to get.
Ingersoll Rand 3/8-Inch Air Ratchet $35, warehouse, original packaging, regular $100
Safety Glasses with Brown Smoke Anti-Fog Lens, Black Frame (12-Pack)
$6.62 like new
Whiteside Router Bits 1250 Up/Down Stagger Tooth Bit with 1/2-Inch Cutting Diameter and 1-1/2-Inch Cutting Length
$13.54 very good, reg $36.00
Jet Parallel Clamp Cabinet Door Set $168 scratch and dent
1 - 20 of 1728 Posts