Lee Valley - Veritas Sharpening System (Rating: 5)

Bought this and was very surprised. My other honing guide clamps on the sides and edges for the larger blades and has a triangle to hold the smaller chisels and blades. This honing guide clamps on the flat side of the blade and holds it.

The guide I give 5 stars. The guide comes with a piece of stick on rubber which I put on the anvil of the guide so that the blade does not move around. The anvil, as I call it, has scribed lines to show if your blade is square to the guide, the rubber covers these lines. I found that Veritas, in offsetting the securing bolt, gives the user a way to square the blade in the guide by using the edge of the blade and the 2 sides of the guide. This being said, using the sides for reference, and using an adjustabe square, this will work well for skewed chisels. Since the guide clamps down on the flat of the chisel, it holds the triangled dovetail chisel that I made securely as well.

I cleaned up and squared the edges of several chisels and two plane blades with this in very little time. I have a 1/16" and a 1/8" chisels and for the first time, their edges are square to the blade. I had a plane where the edge was about 4 degrees from square because my freehand technique on a grinder stinks and could not get this square. In 20 minutes, it was square and sharp.

I have replaced my blue handled chisels and tried putting a different edge on several of them, basically turning them into paring chisels. Worked with any problems.

I cannot rate the reference plate because I did not use it.

The price was under $50.00 and in its first day, was well worth the price.

Good job Veritas!