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I built this cyclone with a 32 gal trash can, a dryer vent hose and quick connect flange, and a couple of PVC fittings.

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I connected to the Central Machinery low cost dust collector that has 4" hose connections and about 600 cfm airflow. More than ample for a home shop.
The center 4" connection is using a dryer dock quick connect flange. Bolts onto the lid and twists to remove. Nice for the inlet to the dust collector fan using just a dryer vent semi rigid hose.
I used 2" on the other side since all my tools have 2" connections for dust removal. Cut a 2" hole in the lid, put a street 90 inside through the hole into one side of another street 90 outside (or use a short piece of 2" PVC with regular 90's). Glue in place so the inside 90 directs airflow around the circumference of the trash can. Use a Fernco rubber connector to put a shop vac hose on for your machine connection.
If you use a better quality can with a good lid, just put the fittings through the lid. I used a piece of scrap Plexiglas for the top so I can see when it gets full. Bungee cords hold the top on. I did add a 1/2" foam weatherstrip on the top edge of the trash can.
All the chips stay in the can and only the finest dust goes through the fan and into the exhaust bag. Works well on the jointer and the planer.
If you are using an existing container, plywood will also work for the top. Plastic drum or most anything strong enough that it doesn't collapse when you turn on the fan would work. Make a duct for the side of the shop table and this thing will suck all the dust from a sander too.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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