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Holy @#$%! I won a @#$%! Sawstop PCS

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The Woodworking Shows had a raffle last fall, for all their shows not just the local one. I filled out an entry and thought - never in a gazillion bazillion infinity years. Found out this week that….

Forehead Chin Jaw Sleeve Beard

Has 3HP, mobile base, overarm dust collector attachment. Picked a 36-inch T-Glide fence. Could have had a 52 but I don't cut giant sheets of anything. Test hot dog not included BUT! I've got 10 free fingers if I wanted to see if it really works. I'm gonna assume it does and not test the fingers.

Has not been delivered, on its way. Garage has to be totally overhauled to accommodate - going to classify that as a good problem to have.


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Way to go Travis. Glad it is going to a good guy.
Congratulations! Hope you have many happy years of untroubled table sawyer-ing….
Don't support that Glass guy by taking that saw. Better send it to me for safekeeping.
you stink. Congrats!

You really SUCK.. that was my machine :p

Lucky you… Enjoy it.
You lucky woodworker!
Congrats Travis, you suck!
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Very cool. Give us updated reports as you go.
Travis outstanding luck! You must live right. Be careful, no need to test the brake.

Forehead Chin Facial expression Human Gesture


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Sell it and buy a Powermatic….......
I'm selling my practically new Porter Cable and a thin kerf Freud blade for a great deal if anyone in DFW is interested. Made about half a dozen cuts and that's it.

Plant Automotive tire Wheel Automotive exterior Tire


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Great deal ! Congrats and good luck with your new saw.

I heard some bad things about them. They're very under powered. Heard they won't even cut a hotdog! :)
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy! Wait! That's not true; I could have won it!
Wow !...Congrats ….that's awesome !
Well thank you, now I can quit waiting by the phone for them to tell me I won.

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