Zinsser MH Ready Patch - A050242hd05025737 (Rating: 5)

I was freaking out about a crazy shaped hole on my door that I had to fix cheaply myself and as fast as possible (before tomorrow).
Luckily the guys at my local hardware store were no strangers to holes in doors and confidently suggested i try this product.
It was cheap, and all I needed was this, fine grit sand paper and paint (which i have) as well as a cheap plastic putty knife.

This picture shown is just one application. As you can see the damage was pretty intense and I pretty much had to do plastic surgery on the molding part. It's not perfect but it's such an improvement already! Before you could see the brown interior of this cheap door. I'm really hoping that another coat and sanding it will look even better.

This hole was deep and about three inches with a jagged crack extending from the bottom corner. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this product adhered to such odd angles and contours. But it did, and throughly too.

I thought i would have to replace the door, but I might now have to now. Thank goodness for this product and the person who recommended it to me!

I know it's not professional, but id def recommend this for small to medium sized holes in a pinch (or if you cannot afford a new door like me)