Hitachi - C12RSH Dual Compound Sliding Miter W/Laser Marker (Rating: 5)

I have been kicking around getting a 12 inch slider for some time. I have had my craftman 10 inch basic miter saw for amost 20 yrs. She has served me well but I wanted more x cutting capability instead of using the table saw for long planks.

I have had this saw for 2 weeks now and really gotten to get a feel for how she performs. I don't give out 5 stars easily. I'm hard on my tools but I must say this is a great saw. I was surprised it came with a good quality carbide blade. I was like yea right, so I cut a bunch of purple heart and teak eight quarter. Cut like butter and no burning.

It a 2 different ways to lock the slider one of them is for zero wall space needed. The flip fence is a nice touch as well as solid. The laser can be adjusted to eiher side of your mark to what you eyes perefer. Dust collection is so/so but all miter saws kick alot of saw dust out so I couldnt see taking a star away for that.

I looked at the Bosh but for 800 vers 440… I'm really happy with this. Lowes just lowered the price recently.