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I need another miter saw for my carpentry / trim business.

I currently have an older Makita single bevel slide miter saw , 10" and a hitachi 12" dual bevel no slide, laser.

so Hitachi has recently lowered the price for the c12rhs, dual bevel 12" slide, compound miter saw with laser, 15amp, to $399 new at lowes or amazon. so I found a Makita ls1013 10" slide dual bevel, 13 amp, on craigslist for $275 , seems like a nice saw, I like Makita, but I already have 1 Hitachi and we like it. SO does anybody have an opinion about these two saws. also, one more consideration, I have the crown molding stops and clamp for the Hitachi saw, it would be nice to be able to interchange them. so basically is the used 10" Makita at $275 a better deal then the brand new hitachi 12" at $399 plus tax…..
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