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Hinges - Second Attempt!!

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For those of you who saw it, my first try was a disaster! But I finally got some shop time to try again and thought I'd share the process, it's as simple as can be…
Started by ripping a strip out of what I'm told is Poplar drawer sides.Hinges- Getting started
Then after a good sanding, to clean up the 70 or 80 odd years of life these things have endured, I cut the strip into four piecesHinges
Two of these pieces are essential only for construction purposes, and I begin using them right away in the drilling of the pivot holesHinges
The two extra pieces give me a nice, flat surface on the bottom. Staggering the clamps also gives it a good sense of balance. I eyeballed these to the center of the pieces, and checked how the holes appeared on the bottom side.
With these drilled correctly I then used a bit of the dowel Hinges
to mark the depth of what will basically be box joints, up to this point.Hinges
Transfer those marks to the "faces"Hinges
then mark the "fingers"Hinges
If you'll note, I'm using those same "extra" quarters again to keep my rule from falling of these little things as I mark! As far as measurements, I'm a hack, and very seldom measure anything. In this case, the original strip was close enough to nevermind 1 1/4" so the fingers will be 1/4", three on the fixed end, two on the moving half.
After marking waste from want, I drilled some "maneuvering" holes for the scroll sawHinges
and then it's off to the scroll saw. Here I'm about halfway through…Hinges
Success!! LOL!! I've invented the box joint with a hole through the middle!!Hinges
But we're talking hinges here, so I take this and round-around the first half of the "swing" using a nail as the temporary pivotHinges
Remove the nail, flip the joint around, and cut the second half of the swing.Hinges
After a little vise and file work to round the whole joint nice, I mark an appropriate "hinge shape", and drill some undersized pilot holes for the 1/8" doweling I'm going to be using to attach this to the latest box. Hopefully that will reduce the stress inflicted on these small partsHinges
And now the most critical step of all, the one I neglected the first time around which caused this whole redo in the first place! The "moving" half of the hinge needs to be enlarged a little, so it's free-turningHinges
With that done, I use those ever-present extra pieces to hand-clamp the hinges together while I tap in the pinsHinges
And there you have them!Hinges Trim off the excess, some final clean up and sanding, and these are ready to be attached. Since these lie flat on the back when the box is closed, and only open a little more than 90 degrees they should work out pretty well for box tops. :)
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Thanks for the information Micheal. I've tried these too, but I used the Incra system. I found that they stretched patience to the max.
good post … well done, need to try making my own hinges someday
Are We having Fun yet?! Actually Odie, I was hoping that these were going to take a lot longer, but sadly only got to spend about 3 hrs. in "The Lab" today, and most of that was taking pictures (sigh). Of course the Lab is so small, I only need to turn to be at the next station. .)
good job I love the pics with the method it makes it seem doable when it is done like that another of the 1000 things I'd like to try thanks noblevfd God bless
Nice step by step tutorial, Michael. It still looks too much like a disaster waiting to happen in my hands, though.
Have never tried wood hinges but just may have to try sometime.
Thanks for the lesson, Mike.

That looks like a Bridgewood Scroll Saw.
Thanks for the lesson, Mike.

That looks like a Bridgewood Scroll Saw.
these look great! thanks for the post, this is a good step by step tutorial, and easy to follow
Nice looking hinges. The step by step is easy to follow and understand and thanks for the heads up about enlargeing the holes on the moving portion of the hinge. I would have found that out the same way you did.

great mike ,
clean , concise , and to the point !
a good share .
WOW! I never thought of wood hinges. I hope I can try that soon.
Nice job and well-presented. I have never made wooden hinges but once I complete a few projects I am on I might have a go at them. Thanks, Bob.
very nice tutorial..
a while ago I stumbled on this site while researching wooden hinges
also a nice tutorial…

I am always learning..
Thank you… nice job with design, picture taking, write up, etc.

I'll eventually try these… think they can go any thinner for more slender boxes?
good job
I wanted to Thank Everybody for their kind words and comments!! First chance I've had in days…Life, you know…seems like every time I try to go On-line, the phone rings or something…:-0 Seriously though, it was my pleasure…
To give credit where credit is due, I got the idea here, on LJ's, from Boxman. Somebody commented on one of his lovely boxes' hinges and he laughingly answered that "if you can make box joints, you can easily make these!" As somebody who's made a few, I took it to heart and gave it a try. I did send him a PM to thank him for the inspiration, but haven't heard back from him…? I hope he's alright…?
Lew: To be honest, I don't know what kind of Scroll Saw I've got. The motor has a plate that says "REXON", it also came with a product plate that I never mounted and I couldn't find it to check, sorry. I CAN tell you it's been a work horse! Bought it in "93, for $110 new, at one of the old Wood Worker's Warehouses. I'd imagine I've cut a line several miles long over the years, inch by slow inch, through thin wood and thick, hard wood and soft…
dustyal: You could go any size you want as far as the "splay" of these things. For the thickness, the barrel of the hinge has to be kind of meaty, these are wooden hinges, after all! I see no reason why the wings couldn't be thinner, however. I was thinking of trying to taper them away from the barrel, but that's still in the R&D department…;-) I couldn't help but notice Doug Krueger's recent "Box Affliction", where he used some marvelous wooden hinges of his own design, and his thinking might affect mine…
The question I have about these hinges is "How strong ARE they?" I'm reminded of this that I made for grins and giggles about 25 years agoSmall Length of Wooden Chain
Without breaking this short bit of chain, I'll never know its breaking point, and I've never had the heart to do it.
The same holds true for the hinges…MC
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