Rockler - 34913 Pizza Blade Cutter Kit (Rating: 5)

I decided to pick one up from Rockler after Lew's great review. These things are no joke, a little pricey at ~$20 though. I've owned many pizza cutters and most are lightweight, blades wobble, or the blades are just crap. Not to mention that the blade is always off center.

This one has none of those issues. Its the heaviest pizza cutter and kitchen utensil I own, solid stainless steel I believe. The blade is in the center with thick rubber or plastic washers on both sides keeping it perfectly aligned with ZERO wobble.
It comes with a threaded insert, and requires a 15/32 drill bit to insert. I decided to drill it on the lathe and insert it before turning since it can crack otherwise. I then used my live center kit and used the one with the cylindar center that sat in the threaded insert without damaging it. Turning it was a pleasure, you can check out my blog and project on it that I'll post shortly after this one.

I can't wait to make some dough and homemade pizza this weekend…mmmmmmmmm. And the handle screws off and the cutter is dishwasher safe.

Thanks for the recommendation Lew!

5 stars!