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High traction finishes?

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Hi all….i am new to the lumberjocks forums, and this is my first post…..

I have been making a wine rack/table for a friend of mine. I made it loosely from some plans (basically for the important dimensions, but changed up the style). I have it ready for finish and have discovered that the depth of the rack is a smidge large. While a bottle of wine fits, i feel like the cradle that holds the bottle could use a little insurance.

So i am curious if anyone is aware of any higher traction wood finishes? I would only like to use it on the tops of the bottle cradles. I was thinking of using a high traction hardwood floor finish, but was wondering what else might be out there. Maybe you have encountered this same dilemma.

Thanks so much for any help i get.

Whew they say the first post is always the hardest….glad to finally get it over with….
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Instead of making a special finish, why not go buy a rolll of cheap drawer/cabinet liner. Cut it into strips the width of the cradle where it holds the bottle, a bit of spray adhesive and presto. Cork would be an alternative to the liner.

This will also raise the bottle about 1/8 in the front, which will also help to keep it put.

Be Good
I was also going to suggest cork until Rhett already mentioned it. You can always dye it in case raw cork would contrast from the wine rack too much.
first and foremost - since you survived the first post- welcome aboard!

you could go about this in many different ways. can also drill a hold and put a dab of sillicone in it to add friction, but I think your idea is probably the easiest and least invasive as it won't add any additional parts to your already designed and constructed rack.

that said - I would personally look for a mechanical solution as opposed to relying on friction finish. some mechanical stop to keep the bottles from falling. that way you don't have to "be careful" or count on who's pulling or storing the bottle in there and how well they do it.
Thanks for your replies guys! I ended up going with the self adhesive cabinet door buttons. They are clear so they don't stand out or attract any attention, and they also provide the perfect amount of traction that i needed to help keep the bottles in place.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
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