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High School Woodworkers in Texas. What do you think?

These are photos of the woodworking projects that were entered in the Texas SkillsUSA (formerly know as VICA) Skills and Leadership conference this past week. As you can see from the first photo, there were a large number of projects entered. The projects were judges by a group of about 20 professional cabinet makers. The students are enrolled in Cabinet Making and Carpentry classes.

All had to compete at a district level and receive a blue ribbon at that level to advance to state. While looking at the primary project in the photo, you can see some of the many other projects that were entered. Projects with multiple ribbons were group projects.

One of the Best of Show entries.

Cabinetry Furniture Table Drawer Computer desk

This hutch was Best of Show at the District contest I chaired. Glad to see it received a Best of Show at the state level as well.

Wood Fixture Floor Wood stain Hardwood

Another hutch with a granite work surface.

Countertop Window Cabinetry Wood Kitchen

Not all projects were large. This was produced with a CNC router.

Product Handwriting Wood Post-it note Font

This small case was for shotgun reloading supplies.

Toy Rectangle Wood Scale model Plywood

This hutch and desk was a single entry by four students.

Property Wood Floor Wood stain Flooring

This is an ice chest, Texas sized! The liner appeared to be made of stainless steel, welded to prevent leaks. Another Best of Show.

Furniture Table Wood Flooring Floor

How about a natural edge cedar picnic table.

Wood Flooring Hardwood Wood stain Composite material

Unique folding chair. If I count right, there are 36 hinges.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Varnish Flooring

How about another chair. How much plywood and sandpaper did this take? Also another Best of Show.

Wood Floor Flooring Rectangle Hardwood

Finally, a bunkbed with bookshelves and drawers. A two person project.

Wood Wood stain Floor Toy Hardwood

This photo shows about half the projects that were entered, some of the examples of what I think is outstanding work for high school students.

Table Furniture Interior design Wood Lighting

Hope you appreciate the efforts of the students and their teachers.
Very impressive work from everyone.


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