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hiding drill holes in Juniper lamp posts

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I am having some trouble mixing glue with sawdust to hide my drill holes made when wiring a twisted piece of Juniper. So far, the way to do so is to mix sawdust with epoxy until I get the right ratio of epoxy to sawdust. My problem has been that when my mixture dries it is darker than surrounding wood making it stand out and in some of my pieces I have multiple holes to hide.
Anyone out there been able to overcome this obstacle?
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One way is to not make the hole blend in. Make it a contrasting color and carve/sculpt the area to resemble a knot.

Another way is to make face grain plugs out of scrap juniper.
Try making some juniper plugs to fill the holes with. They wouldn't have to be very long to fill a hole.
I have used turquoise inlaid in the wood, it looks great with juniper. Cut the shape you want with good sharp edges, and fill with crushed turquoise of mixed sizes down to dust to fill the voids, (I like to use copper dust as well) set with CA glue (super glue) and then sand down. It is just as easy as it sounds, my first try came out great. Check out my projects for a couple of examples.
I think the concensus is that you can never really make a seamless fill, thats why we all try to avoid using fillers. the epoxy trick is good, but the epoxy gives the wood a wet look, like finish, when you apply finish to the rest of the piece, it should get pretty close.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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