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Hide Glue and Bondo

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I am working on re-veneering some old pool table legs and one of the legs is slightly damaged and in need of repair before I can re-veneer it and I need a little advice.

Unfortunately I don't have an exact picture of the problem, but the legs are all in the pic below. As you can see the legs are quite fluted, with "ins" and "outs". Well one of the legs is missing a few small chunks out it (high spot and corner) and I'm wondering what is the best way to build the surface back to normal. The core of the legs was originally made with pieces of poplar that were glued together.

The easiest solution would be to use bondo or some other resin based wood filler to fill in for the missing wood. It is easy to sand smooth and build up in layers if needed so it matches the original contour of the leg. My concern is that I'm applying the veneer using Hot Hite Glue and I don't know if it will adhere to the bondo or resin based wood filler. I've searched the web and can't find an answer. Has anyone tried applying veneer with hot hide glue over small bondo repairs?

Otherwise I'll have to chisel our a couple sections of the leg and glue in a piece of wood and then shape it to match the contour of the column. This is doable but not very easy and I'm reluctant to start chipping away at 150 year old pool table leg.

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I'm thinking your best source for advice is Shipwright.
….. and his best advice is try a test spot on scrap.
My gut feeling is that it will be okay for smallish areas but "test is best".
Good advice…... I am trying it as write this. I'm fairly sure the hide glue will adhere to the bondo, since it sticks like mad to everything it touches. I will let you all know how it works.

In the mean time, I thought I'd mention how well I've been able to get the new veneer to bend around and adhere to those legs. Shipwright, your caul idea works real well. I found that applying a couple sheets of wax paper between the new veneer and the caul makes it work so much better..
You can use just plain newsprint too. It will stick in places but can be removed with cold water. Wax paper can leave a residue on the surface. Maybe not too important but something to think about.
Glad it's working for you.
A few days ago I hammer veneered a piece of white oak veneer onto a 3" x 6" nicely sanded section of bondo wood filler and its still adhering very well! I am surprised! So….I answered my own question, Yes you can use hot hide glue to attach (glue) veneer over a surface that was treated or where bondo wood filler was used!
Thanks for the confirmation!
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