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Hickory Blanket Chest

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I promised my step daughter a blanket chest. It was going to be a birthday present, I'm hoping to make Christmas. I've looked at different plans, as well as some gorgeous pictures of some made by members of this community.

I've come accross some laminated hickory. Some of the boards are close to 1.5 thick by 12 inches wide. They were steps, or risers (?). I also have two five foot sections of 30 inch wide close to an inch thick material which is rougher and somewhat rustic.

I was thinking of possibly laminating some of the steps material and making four posts or legs, and from that material making some frames, I believe they call them "stick & cope", basically grooved stiles and rails where I would slide raised (on the table saw <straight>) panels of the other material (rustic/rough) hickory.

I'm thinking of using a darker stain on the stiles and rails than on the panels. Of all the things I haven't settled on, the lid is definitely the main one. I plan to line the inside with aromatic red cedar sold at big box for closets.

Now some questions to any who may want to share some ideas,

How can I join the frames (stile/rail assemblies) to the legs/posts? Will pocket holes work?
Is hickory truly as unruly as I've read on some articles on line?
What about attaching a bottom? Plywood in a rabbet? Dado?
Might the two tone stain work?
Do I carry the panels motif to the lid or simply frame some of the laminated rough hickory?
The wood is heavy, what dimensions will make something that won't pop a couple hernias?

So far I've made a few jigs I use in my minimalistic shop, odds and ends for the house and a small humidor for a friend. This will be my largest to date project, fortunately got a good deal on the wood so won't have to slash the wrists should it end in the smoker.

Thanks everyone for your time and input, Mario
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I'm afraid I have to comment on my own post. Hopefully it might encourage some of you to share your ideas.

New as I am to the forum, I will now attempt to upload some pictures of the wood I will be using for the chest project. As mentioned in the original posting, it is a collection of laminated hickory with different degrees of milling. The narrower shorter boards are the thicker risers (steps parts). I intend to rip these for stiles and rails, and laminate two of the ripped pieces to create legs. The more rustic and wider boards, which are thiner thickness, I intend to make panels with and the box's lid.

Again, I got a real good deal on these boards, and though not this afternoon, will get moving on this project and hope that my dear Hattie will have a box for her condo before Christmas.

At the risk of being redundant, you think the two tone stain idea might work?, pocket holes may hold it all together? is hickory really as hard to work as I've read in some articles?

Best Regards, Mario
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I prefer to keep the wood with its natural tones of color.
So a good clear coat is all I would put on beautiful looking wood, just my preference.
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