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I am thinking about buying a HF SAND BLASTING GUN.
Which blasting medium should I get with it?
Thank you.
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I really don't know what medium is good for what, but I do know it depends. I use black beauty for hand planes and things like that. It depends on what you want to blast.
Lots of folks on here use soda. I'm looking at a wet sandblaster for my pressure washer and trying to learn more about them.
There are various course of sand to blast with. Best ones are the silica sand that is used in pool filters. However, be sure to wear a mask if you are using silica sand. I have used regular river sand to remove paint from a car.
I switched from black beauty to Glass beads, MUCH more affective, and faster. I also use a gun from tractor supply, which works wonders.
I've even used regular play sand. It needs to be good and dry however. Again, it depends on what your blasting. If you can capture and reuse, then one of the mediums is best, but if your doing something like a trailer frame, then sand may be cheapest.
Thank you all for your replies.
I have nothing specific in mind to clean but I would use it around the shop for planes and other tools and also for trailer frames and the like.
I think that it would handy to have around.
I have a 2HP/21 Gallons air compressor, how much this thing uses?
The cfm rating should be in the spec's. A blaster takes a lot of air. you probably won't get continual use with that compressor. I typically go do something else to let it catch up.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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