Harbor Freight - 23 gauge pin nailer (Rating: 5)

I'm working on a box project , and I am making up the plan as I go. I'm right at the point where I'm thinking, How am I going to put this together? This is normal for me. I've got parts cut and glued together, and I need to connect 2 of the 3 main sections. I'm way past the point of doing any kind of joinery.

I have a subscription to Woodsmith Magazine. I think it's the best. In the current issue ( Vol. 38 Issue 224) is a review of some of their favorite HF tools. And there's my answer.



With my 20% coupon it cost me $17 and change. Another $5 for what will be for me a lifetime supply of pins. It worked 1st time out of the box, so far so good. Maybe this is one of those tools that I will say, Why didn't I get that a long time ago?

Shelf Wood Floor Wood stain Rectangle

I'm going to go back and add screws on each of the 4 sides. The pin nails are there to hold it together to drill and install the screws, kinda like a tack weld. Screws may be overkill, but I'm OK with that.

Now I admit, I have only used it on some test scraps and this one project. And I won't be using it daily, but for $17, it's a winner.