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HF nailer/staper advice

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I have a HF # 93749 stapler/nailer. The manual says Arrow T50 staples will work and nails are only listed as 9/16. Does anyone know if nails and staples made by another company will work in it? I have HD, Lowes, Ace Hardware in town. Thanks.
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All those places plus Office Depot and Office Max will have the T-50 staples. The power in this stapler is very limited so I suggest the staples be not more than 3/8". The nails are a simple pin nail and this will drive 1/2" into pine but will barely penetrate hardwoods like Maple and Walnut.
This stapler is very limited in what it will do…..more like a desk stapler.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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