Gerson - P95/8311 (Rating: 5)

I have had numerous respirators over the years, with various cartridges, and a couple things have always bothered me about most.
First, many of them don't allow me to wear glasses properly, since the nose piece sticks up too high, causing my glasses to sit wrong and make my eyesight off.
Second, those doggone elastic straps always, always get stretched out and hard, and now that most have gone to the cheap plastic hooks, the problem is worse. Sealing with these stretched out is almost impossible.

Now that I have found this respirator at Harbor Freight, I no longer worry about cartridges, and if I want some extra dust filters to go on top, they are dirt cheap.

This unit retails for $16.99 at Harbor Freight, in a large size. With my usual 20% coupon that comes in at $13.60 each! My wife clips out all the 20% coupons out of the Sunday papers, and I pick them off out of the magazines we get. When we are down in Chattanooga if I need things we stop by, each take what we need, and check out with our coupons.
At this price, I can have a new respirator every few months.

These units fit like a glove, at least on my face. They come in a resealable bag. They have a clear plastic cover that goes on the back when not in use, should you not want to keep it in the bag.
The air valves on these work great, and they do a great job with dust and most organic vapors that you might spray in your shop.
And they work great on the lathe, with only a nice face shield added.

When I first saw them, I was looking for a new unit, and could not believe the price. When I realized they are throwaway, I liked it even more since most long term respirators I have owned get harder over time and of course the strap issue.
I like the disposable feature…And Amazon reviews are good, plus playing to about 4.2 stars on HF report these are great units for the money.
Five stars.