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Here is your chance to spend my money

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Well, it looks like the decision as to what I want for my 70th Birthday coming up has been made. My old Craftsman 12" Band Saw finally hit the dust. I bought the monster used and it never has been a "joy" to use. Problem is, now I have a large assortments of blades for it and I hate to toss them. Some have never been used.

I need some advise on what I should get. I don't need "professional" tools but I need something that can be set up accurately. Preferably one that will allow me to use the blades I now have. Any body have some suggestions?

Also, I guess I need to consider the cost of shipping as opposed to going to my local Lowe's, or Home Depot.

I would really appreciate any thoughts you might have.


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I have a Grizzly 0555 that I just love. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Put a good Wood slicer blade from Highland Woodworking on it and you are good to go. If you do some resawing, get the lift kit for it as well. I did and am glad I did. Good Luck on your purchase!
I've seen Grizzly in catlogs, but is it available at one of the "Big Box" hardware stores. Where did you get yours?

thanks for taking the time to respond.
What size are your blades?

There is only a slim chance that another saw will use the same blade length, but we can't even guess without knowing the length or at least which model number Craftsman bandsaw you have.
Good point, Crank. What I have at the mortuary right now is a 12" Craftsman "Electronic" Band Saw. I have a fairly good assortment of blades for it including an unwrapped Highland Wood Slicer. The rest are Olsons. I checked the Sear's web site and they don't even seem to carry a 12 incher any longer. Same with Rockler. Haven't checked Highland yet.

I can imagine that the shipping for such an item is not going to be cheap and living in a rural area, that is about my only option except driving into Las Vegas, NV or Southern California.
If you can't find a similar sized saw, I may be interested in parts from your old one to make mine work better. I may also be interested in the blades, if the CFO will let me spend that much money!
I got a deal that not even my mother in law could refuse on a Shop Fox 1706 with a 6 inch lift kit a few years
ago. Just checked on line and the price has went up considerably. The Shop Fox/Jet/Grizzly are all about the
same. My only regret is not getting one that I could adapt a larger motor to easily, and one that could handle
a least a 1" wide blade. Since you have used one for a while, you know what your requirements are as far
as blade width and motor horsepower are concerned. You have not mentioned whether you have tried
CraigsList and other sources yet. An acquaintance got a 12" Dewalt table saw at a rummage sale his wife
insisted he stop at last summer and he had to pay $150.00 for it, and unhook his boat so he could load it
into his pickup, but he decided it was worth it. I have a $50. King-Seeley shaper and a $50. 6-1/8" jointer
that needed TLC and I restored in 3 weeks total for about $25. Not saying you will luck out, but it is worth
looking at the ads for a while.

I'll be glad to give you a good deal on the blades. I can't imagine what parts you would want, but you are welcome to them. I should be able to get them into a USPS Priority Mail Box so shipping will not cost you more that $10.00 for as much as I can stuff into the box…....if you are still interested. At least I have an idea of what to do with the left over blades now. Thanks.

My email should be part of my profile.
Bluepine, Thanks for the tip.

You were right. Found a heck of a deal on craig's list, but could not find good reviews on the product itself, so I will pass on it. I do appreciate the hint though.
Been doing a lot of research on line and here. Looks like the Grizzly 0555 14" saw is leading the pack. I'm about ready to purchase online. Send me any comments in the next few days.
Hi Andy. Consider what you are doing w/the saw first and foremost. Don't over buy unless you will use it. I agree that the likelihood of finding another saw to use your blades on is slim at best. However, if your old blades are longer, you can have them shortened at almost any saw sharpening service co.

I have a grizzly 14" and it is ok. Not happy that the top wheels bearing seat enlarged itself somehow, and now the whole saw wobbles. Other than that, I am happy with it.
I'd love to help the Italian economy especially since my daughter is married to an Italian and lives in Florence, IT, but I don't need an expensive band saw like that. The band saw is among the least used tools in my shop….maybe because that Craftsman that just died never did work that great…..bought it used at a good price for what I needed.

The Grizzly 555 seems to be a good fit at the under $500.00 price tag and the reviews I've seen.

I'm not happy with Greg's comments about the wobble, but like I said, considering what I use it for, it seems to be a good fit.
Andy,I'll PM you with the parts I need tomorrow… I have to go look at my pile of stuff first, LOL.

Let me know what you want for the blades and maybe I can get the wife to turn loose of some more money.

BTW, We just went to a local flea market this morning and I bought 5- 100 sheet boxes of Norton Sand paper in 80, 100, 120, 180 and 220 grit for $5.00 total.

I also bought a hand full of new Olsen hardback bandsaw blades for $4.00 each. 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" 3, 4 and 7 1/2 TPI for $5.00 Whadda Deal! Woo-Hoo! gloat gloat gloat! Now, to get the saw running.
Well, I decided to go ahead and order the Grizzly. Anyone care to offer their feelings as to a 3/4" or a 1/2" Woodslicer resaw blade from Highland? Is the wider blade better if the saw can handle a 3/4" blade which the Grizzly can?
Usually a wider blade is better for a straight cut. If you are going to be like some of us and use it to cut
small logs with some moisture in them, then the wider blade will allow you get bigger teeth (fewer teeth
per inch with a wider kerf) that will make it easier to cut logs. Mark Duginske has a good book out called
BANDSAW, Lonnie Bird has one also and Tauton books has one by Roland Johnson. Considering what you
will spend on the saw, one of these books is a great investment. If you do not have a book store with
one available Amazon and Ebay both ususally have them. The width of the blade is important, but even
more important is the type of teeth and the teeth per inch. My little shopsmith bandsaw with an 1/16"
24 TPI and coolblocks will make supersmooth cuts in wood up to 1". My Shopfox with the 1/2" Variable
tooth will deliver a smooth resaw on 8" walnut that only requires a couple of passes on the planer to
smooth out. Hope you have lots of fun with the saw, and enjoy it for many years.
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You DON'T need anything wider than 1/2" on the Woodslicer. I use it on my 11" Magna (Shopsmith) BS with good results. You'll be happy with the Grizz 0555. Tune it up to specs.
Hey! You're gonna be 70? Wanna buy my walker left over from the knee replacement? (Tee hee. Just couldn't resist.)
There ain't any respect on this site. Just ask Jace.
Sounds like over all the 1/2" will do me. Thanks for all the comments.

Bill, does the walker have mag wheels?
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I finally got my Grizzly put together and I'm in the final steps of adjusting the guide bearings. I have a concern that I have written Grizzly about, but thought I would run it by you guys.

The blade seems to be running to the right of center through the slot in the table and also to the right and just bearly touching the back up bearing on the lower guide. I've included some pictures. Take a look and let me know what you think…....especially you guys that own a Grizzly.


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