Henry Taylor - Basic carving set (Rating: 5)

Right off the bat, i will say these aren't as good as the Pfiel chisels. They are however a very high quality set made in England, and at a very reasonable price. I got this set of 6 tools from lee valley a few months ago for about $140. I definitely recommend these tools to any beginning carver, like myself. It came with all 5/16 or 1/4 inch tools, so they aren't very big chisels. There is a #1, #3, #5, #6, #7 fishtail, #8 and a 60 degree v-tool . Before I bought this set, I went out and bought a large pfiel #3 gouge, to make it easier to rough out the background. This is a great set and I thank henry taylor for putting this together. The tools are also made a little smaller than the regular ones, which makes them a little bit cheaper, about $20 per tool, instead of $30 per tool. 2 hits i will give these is that they aren't very sharp out of the box, and they are prone to rust in high humidity environments, i speak from experience. It also comes with a basswood block, an extra bonus.
Look into lee valley's website for the specs
Recommend these to anybody looking to getting into carving.

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