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THe spray paint is likely oil based - so long as it was dry the poly shouldn't matter (water or oil based).
If it was oil over oil - maybe the streaks are that the poly redisolved a bit of the paint.
I think the only was to sort it out will be an additional coat - it will either be OK or still look streaky, and you would need to sand :-(
You might try spray on poly (spray can or gun) - as it won't "disturb" the layer underneath.

Look forward to what you find out. When we did this in finishing - using Arti Water based dyes to make the wood black - we sealed with a spray coat of shellac - before building a finish.
Using Oak we did:
2 coats spray lacquer
Then we mixed some gel varnish with Mixol colors - and made a colorwash - in Red or Blue which when wiped on just colored the deep grain of the oak
Then sprayed clear lacquer over it. Goal is to be subtle…hard to photograph with the high gloss - but here it is Red - just the black - blue and white
Wood Rectangle Handwriting Floor Flooring

Througout the class the theme seemed to be that Shellac was our best friend.


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