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Ok I am in the process of taking down an old pole shed, and am wondering what type of wood this is. It was used as the lower portion of the shed and was exposed to the elements. It doesn't look to be treated with anything, but how would I tell if it were? Also what kind of wood does it look to be? The characteristics seem to be very dry, splits/cracks fairly easily but seemed to hold up to the weather ok. Most of it has the reddish pinkish color to it that you see in the picture. I am guessing it's some kind of Fir, but not really sure. I would like to use it as flooring in my shop if I have enough. Thanks for your input.
First is the side not exposed to the elements after I planed it, i think its coincedence that this side is lighter colored, as most boards don't have that light wood in them.

End grain

Side that was exposed to the elements after I planed it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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