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Help with Drill Press ID

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I got a new-to-me drill press this weekend. The motor works and the drill press operates, but I'd like to give it a good going over before I put it back to work. It's a 15" Delta/Rockwell floor drill press with ½ HP, 120V Marathon motor. The serial number (127-6150) is legible but I don't see a model number-I'm thinking it was on a plate or decal that is no longer a part of this package. It has 4 discrete speeds, adjusted by changing the belt position on the pulleys. I'm trying to identify the model number so I can retrieve an owner's manual.

Here are a few pictures:

Analog television Kitchen appliance Home appliance Gas Wood

Wood Gas Machine Metal Room

Brown Font Label History Number

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Gas Rim

I suspect it's from the late 60's or early 70's based on similar serial numbers and their known dates of manufacture. I would appreciate any assistance or resources you could offer. Thanks in advance for the help!


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Looks like a solid piece of iron. Congrats.
Thanks, Chris. It is very solid and looks complete but some of the parts need an attitude adjustment. I don't expect that it'll take too long to put back in service.
Hey Don, the serial number dates it as made in 1960. It looks like a model 15-207, but I've never seen one without the on/off buttons on the front of the housing. I hope this helps some.
Thanks, Tom! There is a plate over the opening where the switch "should" be, but I haven't opened her up yet to see what lurks within. The switch is located in the back (orange box) near the motor. I'll start with that model number and see how far I get. Thanks again.
Don thats one awesome piece of steel!
Good luck with it.
That should be a great addition to your shop.
Don, check out or the forums at There's a wealth of information there.

Here's the Publication Reprints section for Delta (use the drop-down at the top to narrow it down to just drill presses): Maybe you can find it there. Also, check under the Rockwell manufacturer.

Looking through the Photo Index (again, narrowed to Drill Presses), I found several that look very similar to yours.

I have a fascination with vintage woodworking machines and have restored several. That is a pretty awesome drill press! Good luck with it!
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Heath-After tefinn gave me the lead on a model number (which by the way, I think is correct), I visited to try to locate an owner's manual. I did the search similar to what you described and came up empty on the 15-207 manual. Still looking for the manual. Looks like the table took a beating-almost looks like someone tried some new metal carving techniques on the table with a hole saw. After I get his unit cleaned up, I'll probably just build a larger wooden table and put over the stock table.
Don, I tried looking for a manual also and came up dry. I really do believe it's a 15-207 drill press though. I highly doubt the motor is original and that's probably why the switches are no longer on the front of the head. I'll keep looking for a manual and if I find one I'll let you know where I find it.
I save all the manuals that come with my tools…when it comes to the drill-press I have to wonder why! Other than the new ones with electronics, I don't think the basic design has changed since before I was born (if it ain't broken, don't mess with it). It is a beauty but I think I would be careful about doing too much with it. That decal on the front might be valuable.
@tefinn-I think you nailed the model number. I've been scouring resources looking for the manual using that model number in the search criteria. There are a lot of manuals and other publications on, but not one for the 15-507 and looking under either Delta or Rockwell.

@teejk-You're right about the decal. I don't see too many with a full decal, so I'm not planning to mess with it at all. I'm more interested in the tuning specifications and bearing IDs. I'm not planning to do a full showroom restoration-I'm really just wanting it to be at its best before I put it to work doing what it does best. I know for certain that the quill return needs to be adjusted, the depth adjuster needs calibration, the pulley cover has a few dents that need attention, and the device that tightens the motor bracket that in turn tightens the belt needs adjusting. Of course the belt needs to be replaced too. I'm not sure if I want to return the switch to its original position in front of the head, but I might well end up doing that. The switch looks original as well as the motor.

@DonW-It could be, but there's not much information on models numbers to which the manual could apply. The year of publication is about right though.
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@tefinn-I just noticed that I had a typo in my last post. I am looking for 15-207 as the model number (not 15-507 as incorrectly typed earlier). Still no luck with a manual. I'm also looking for other models by looks to see if there is a similar model too. No luck finding any matches based on the serial number either.
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