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Help with Cut List 4

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Hi All:
For some reason I can only get cut list to calculate solid wood - NOT - sheet goods?? What am I doing wrong.
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Send a message to DaveR. He can help you!
  • What am I doing wrong.*

Well… cutlist lists components that have been named and descibed with certain identifiers. Following the directions as noted in the cutlist help tips by clicking the help buttons in the cutlist window when you run cutlist….helps.
So to answer your qustion:
1) read the help notes.
2) You are not posting the question in the cutlist thread or reading the extensive information already available on the subject.
3) I don't know what you are doing so I can't really say what you are doing wrong except not stating what you are doing, not posting in the right forum thread and not reading the help notes.

I hope this note helps.
BTW You can find the cutlist thread and its author STEVE RACZ aka Daltxguy by searching LJ for "cutlist"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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