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I am new to cope and rail construction and I need a little help. I would like to mention that I am fairly new to this site and am totally impressed by the talent and knowledge out there. Also, the helpfulness that exists is refreshing. I have had a few questions since finding this site and have had great responses. I felt like I was taking and not giving. Finally the other day I was able to respond to someones question on a forum topic.

Back to the question. I purchased a set of Freud adjustable cope and rail bits. I built a coping sled with1/4" hardboard bottom and a pine backerboard. When I set my bit height and run the sled against my router table fence the sled makes contact with the router bit, therefore cutting into the sled bottom. I am thinking that a 1/2" sled bottom may do the trick

Hopefully this is clear to you. Any ideas for the sled would be appreciated.

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