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Help me complete my set of bench planes!

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I am down to needing 2 planes to complete my set of kidney bean lever cap Stanleys. I've been searching locally for a few years and can't find these 2 to finish the set. I'm not on Facebook so I can't look there and ebay is a zoo! I am looking for a no. 5 1/2 type 16-19 and a no. 2 type 19 (this is the longer no 2). They do not need to be perfect, I will be doing light restoration and setting them up to be used. If anyone has anything they are willing to part with let me know a price. Thanks in advance!
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I have found a 5 1/2 so now just looking for a kidney bean no.2. Anyone?
I've got one and you can't have it or my #1! Best of luck on you search.
Hahaha I dont blame you! I'm hoping someone will part with one. It will go to a loving home! I just lost a bid for one on ebay a week ago.
Got a couple of #2's, I even have one of the rare Corrugated, and several Kidney Bean lever caps, but not a match to your desire, all of the KB lever caps are on bigger planes.

Best on your hunt. The hunt is usually more fun than the owning, unless they are user's they just sit there. Money tends to at least compound if it sits. Well I guess Stanley's do to. :)
I'm definitely planning on using it. Almost my entire collection are set up as users. There is a very interesting no.2 on ebay currently with dark blue japaning. Ill see how crazy that one gets.
I'm on Facebook, I hate it and really am thinking about deleting it. Maybe just delete all the friends that are not really my friends.
Anyway, I only keep it around for the groups I follow. Two come to mind for hand planes.
CIHI, that is Can I Have It Vintage tool auctions.
And Stanley wood plane restoring,
Now the Plane Restore group has a sister group called Just Plane Fun-the Parts Division.

I do think it would require a FB account. But you really want a #2 Stanley hand plane. You will find it one one or even all of the groups I listed.
The parts division group is also amazing in itself.
I am really sick of FB, And am so on the fence about deleting my account all together. But the handful of woodworking groups keep me going at the moment.
Deleting FB was one of my better decisions. Heck, I dont even watch the news anymore.

I do have friends who have it though so maybe I'll see if they can look for me.
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