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help! keep gouging red oak with low angle plane

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i read that planing with the grain helps prevent tear out (makes sense), and i lined up all the pieces to a red oak desk top with what i thought was grain all going in the same direction. glued up the top and it looked beautiful. everything was going great until…

i was using my hand plane and i gouged the top.

new low angle sweetheart plane (my mother's day gift), sharpened with my scary sharp system. worked beautifully until i guess the grain changed direction in one piece. wouldn't you know it, the gouge is smack dab in the center :/

i also notice a small tear out in a red oak leg i was routing with a round over bit.

any help or advice? i need to put a chamfer edge on the desk top and REALLY don't want to try and fix another tear out.
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You can find the instructions for sharpening the #80 on the Stanley website of all places.
I will come late to the game and echo everyone else's comments on high angle, closed throat plane adjustments. Card scraping red oak seems a bit too desperate. I have to scrape extremely hard exotics, burls, and zebrawood specifically. Generally domestic hardwoods in U.S. should plane well with a sharp blade, closed throat and at worst case high angle.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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