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Help Identify Hand Brace Drill

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Hi, I just bought this Hand Brace Drill. It has not markings and I have not been able to find any similar on any website. Please help identify.

Gas Metal Auto part Nickel Pipe


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Sometimes threads don't get seen by the people that would know. You can try asking in the vintage drills thread if no one notices this:

I definitely recognize that chuck, but can't tell you the model or maker off the top of my head. Usually the maker or model is on the parts of the bar that are horizontal when drilling vertically. It looks nice, how far is it from the center of rotation to the handle? Looks like 3-4 inches, but the picture could be deceiving.
Look up a Millers Falls web site…..just search for Millers Falls braces…you might just find it there…

Octagonal Lion Chuck brace….from around 1929 or so….Model Number 1872….10" brace
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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